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Loryn Dion Oct. 26, 2010 SOC 320 Journal #6 – DD—Part 1: Question 1 OR 2 (page 206) AND Part 2: Question 2 2) Elaborate on the different strategies that were used to establish one’s authority and identity by African American women and the different contexts in which these have been found to be successful. What, if any, situations were more difficult to deal with or resulted in identity management being basically unresolved? For the first context, experiencing interpersonal conflict with white male colleagues, the direct strategy was for the two colleagues to negotiate face-to-face. In one instance, the black woman confronted the white male about the signals he was sending so that they could figure out how to handle their differences. The indirect solution was for the executive to be unassertive and respond to the white male coworker in a way that wouldn’t be dominating. Another indirect solution was to model excellence because the white males would be more forgiving to another white male than to a black female. The next context, having
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