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BDIC - my own work and create my own schedule I work best...

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Loryn Dion Sept. 28, 2010 BDIC Continuing Aims After I receive my degree in Agricultural Communications, I’d love to find a job directly related to what I’m doing. I haven’t decided if I’d continue with my education and go on to graduate school yet, but it’s definitely an option. I think if I did continue on with graduate school, I’d really like to get my masters in the arts and continue with something in communications. I’d also really like to go to a graduate school far away from here so that I could experience other cultures of people and see how they do things across the country. Regardless of grad school, I think the type of job that BDIC will prepare me for is one in a position of leadership. I’d love to work with a Public Relations firm or do something where I’d get to dictate
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Unformatted text preview: my own work and create my own schedule. I work best in jobs where I have a goal or a deadline, but the path I take to reaching that goal is decided by me. Also, for me to be happy in a job, I’d have to be working with agriculture. Just doing PR work wouldn’t be enough. In addition to this degree helping me with my future career, it would also be helping me with my hobbies. I love working with animals and I’m also interested in getting into some plant hobbies, such as gardening. Currently, I love training dogs and doing agility and obedience work, as well as breeding rabbits. I’m hoping that this degree will help me understand more about the business side of what I’m already doing, as well as teach me more about things I would like to do....
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