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Theater Notes - JJ Kim Theater Arts 281 Notes Go over...

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JJ Kim Theater Arts 281 Notes 1/18/11 Go over syllabus. 2 Extra credit opportunities and only 3 exams and 5 quizzes. 1/20/11 Introduction to Terms Theater is a place where you go to see a play; In front of a live audience. (A preforms B for C in X) What is performed The Audience The Performance Drama is a story line that captures the viewer’s emotions. Script. Performance is how you present it. Process of Translation Collaborative Effort Multiple Meanings Audience – Important to show, can establish or destroy a show. Critical Element Feedback Who is the Audience? Famous people? Record Keepers Investors Critics – Public Voice 6 Elements of Performance Poetics 335 BCE – Aristotle Plot – Unities of time and place. Not more than 24 Hours. Stay confined to a few settings. Character Thought – Teach, Move, Delight Diction – Spoken as art form. Music – Sets the mood and visual aid. Spectacle – new technology. What a Director Does Today Determines Interpretation Casting Works with designers Rehearses Actors Integrates Elements Models of Directing Interpreter 1
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JJ Kim Theater Arts 281 Notes o Retain Time and Space o Example Romeo and Juliet (1978) Translator o Faithful to script, but not time and place o Ex: Romeo and Juliet (1996) Auteur o Director the primary creative source o Script a starting point o West Side Story (1961) What is Theater Design?? Designs aim to: Visually/Aurally express text Enhance Actors Elicit a desired audience response Visual Design Areas: Scenery Lighting Costumes Aural Design Area: Sound Design The Design Process: Analysis, Research, and Discussion – Collaboration. Preliminary Sketches.
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Theater Notes - JJ Kim Theater Arts 281 Notes Go over...

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