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Valencia Community College Course Syllabus General Psychology Online (PSY 1012) Spring 2011 8 Week Online Course (PSY 1012) CRN 23022 Professor: Mr. John Bruehl Office Hours: By appointment only. Primary and official way to contact me: [email protected] Secondary way to contact me: [email protected] My personal email: [email protected] Department Phone Number: (407) 582-2443. (This is for leaving messages ONLY and to be used sparingly. Contact me via email whenever possible. You will get a faster response by emailing me.) (Only ATLAS email correspondence will be considered official communication.) Location: Online CRN: 23022 Credit: 3 hrs. Schedule: Self-paced study. All work/exams must abide by due dates. Term: 1/10-3/02/2011 First Day of Class: 1/10/2011 Drop Deadline: January 18 Withdrawal Deadline: February 11 Final Exam: March 2, 2011 (9 A.M.) Your final exam must be completed and submitted to me no later than 9 A.M. of VCC’s official final exam date for our class…. .which is on March 2, 1011. There is a required “online orientation” in order to be counted “present” and enrolled for the class. You may fulfill this requirement by emailing me and letting me know that you have read and agree to the requirements of this syllabus. You must do this by the first week of class. In your email, state the following: 1. Your name, phone number AND/OR alternate email address. VCC Model Syllabus (2009) 1
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2. “I have read and agree to abide by the policies of this class.” Social Science Department website: ( ) Please use VCC’s “Atlas” email system to contact me. You are responsible to regularly check your “Atlas” email system. This will be our official means of communicating outside the classroom. It is a good idea to check your email prior to each class session. Do not forward your ATLAS email to other email accounts. And if you email me from another account, our ATLAS system may filter out your email. At times, our “Atlas” system may be out of order. If you email me in my “Atlas” address and do not get a response from me within 48 hours, you may also try my secondary email: [email protected] . Keep in mind, however, that this secondary email address will not be considered official communication. If you have an urgent message to convey to me, forward your message to both addresses. This course is designed to provide students with an overview of theory and research in the major areas of psychology: biological, experimental, developmental, social, cognitive, personality, and clinical. This factual and conceptual foundation in psychology will help students understand behavior and apply psychological principles in a variety of settings and to their own lives. Prerequisites: None
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Bruehl, PSY1012, 23022, Spring 2011 Reviseddoc - Valencia...

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