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Behavior Patterns - o Cross-dressing o Sadism &...

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Sexual Behavior Patterns and Atypical Sexual Behavior Sexual Behavior Patterns Intercourse - In the past year Oral Sex - Lifetime experience o Female Cunnilingus Fellatio o Male Cunnilingus Fellatio Anal Sex - Lifetime experience Masturbation - In the past year Premarital Sex - Intercourse within the last year for those classified as never married Extramarital Sex- Homosexual Sex - Participated in homosexual sexual activity as an adult Effects of Education- as education increased, more likely to participate in oral, anal , and masturbation. Atypical and Paraphilic Sexual Behavior Atypical Behavior Consensual behaviors which are not statistically common for a particular society Some “Common” Atypical Behaviors o Anal, Extramarital, and Homosexual Sex
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Unformatted text preview: o Cross-dressing o Sadism & Masochism (S&M) or Domination and Submission *****Paraphilic Behavior****** OUT RAGEOUS Tends to be compulsive, long-standing, and distressing to the individual Most paraphiliacs are men Sexual orientation is NOT related to paraphilia May include: o Non-human objects o The suffering and humiliation of partner o Children or non-consensual partners Non-Coercive Paraphilias o Transvestitism Motivation is sexual arousal o Fetishism o Zoophilia (Bestiality) Coercive Paraphilias o Exhibitionism- facial expression o Voyeurism- Peeping Tom 1 o Pedophilia- children o Telephone Scatalogia- obscene phone call o Frotteurism- touching o Necrophilia- fucking dead people 2...
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Behavior Patterns - o Cross-dressing o Sadism &...

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