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Reaction Paper #1 - Designer Babies

Reaction Paper #1 - Designer Babies - fries All these...

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As far as I am concerned, the reproductive technology regarding to designer babies could benefit our human society. By using this genetic modification of humans, parents can have their ideal babies coming to this world. Although this reproductive technology brings about an ethical concern about the rights of the baby, but we cannot deny that parents’ desire to have a beautiful and healthy baby is not harm to the baby. Now, technology allows us to make such desire to come true, which should be a good thing. After a baby is born, parents may buy pretty clothes to them, send them to learn to play a sport, or limit them to eat french
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Unformatted text preview: fries . All these behaviors are examples of efforts parents made to perfect their children. Children therefore could be more pretty and healthier. The genetic modifications just make it possible to transform these acquired characteristics fostered by parents into inborn ones. Now that we accept to have variolation on children’s body and cosmetic surgery on children with facial defects, accepting to get rid of disease and deformity gens is just a broad context of making babies healthier and happier. I believe that every parent wants their babies to be born with good appearance, talent in a certain field, and healthy body....
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