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Jeremy Black #4596 Prof. Nalley March 13, 2008 Bonus Assignment 2 I think that the death penalty should still be in place because sometimes it is the only thing that can bring justice to the situation. The death penalty has been around for a very long time and has always been a deterrent for crimes due to the fact that everyone knows that they could see the death penalty in court. The death penalty is there for people that commit such heinous crimes that the only way to punish the person for what they have done is to condemn them to death. Although some people thing that the death penalty is too harsh and should be abolished; I believe that it is a great means to penalize those people that think their lives are more important than another person’s. Without the death penalty our prison
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Unformatted text preview: system would be even more crowded then it is today. Because of the way our death sentencing works today it takes entirely too long from conviction to death. I believe that when the number of appeals is reduced each case should take no longer than 5 years from the time of conviction to the execution. Recently in the news there has been a story about how lethal injection is morally wrong and cruel and unusual. But, I think that the person having to suffer for less than a minute before their death isn’t even one percent of the pain and suffering they put their victim and their family through when they committed the crime. Although they are still human beings, they no longer belong on this earth due to the crime they have committed....
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