Reaction Paper #3 - AIDS

Reaction Paper #3 - AIDS - piece of plastic film That is...

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Almost everyone knows that AIDS is a deadly disease. Our scientists are definitely on the way of finding ways to prevent and cure AIDS. However, I do not think that we have made a great progress till now; our efforts on preventing AIDS are apparently not enough. In such a developed country, we only have condom as the most effective way to prevent AIDS. AIDS as an increasingly pervasive disease has threatened more and more people’s life. HIV does not come through sex only; it is also transmitted through blood transfusion, childbirth or breastfeeding. So, even those who are self- disciplined or innocent have the possibility to be involved in the nightmare of AIDS. However, facing such terrible disease, we can protect ourselves only by depending on a
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Unformatted text preview: piece of plastic film. That is ridiculous. We have spent much on researching cars with regard to how to protect us while driving. The safety performance of our cars has evolved over time; we have safety belt, airbag, and anti-brake system in our cars, but our protection in sexual relationships has always been condom and nothing else. I do not think the problem lies in the immaturity of related biological technology. Instead, the crux is that we do not create enough awareness about how serious AIDS is. We have not attach enough important to AIDS. Therefore, our course of research is slow; our support to fight against AIDS is weak; our understanding with respect to ADIS’s virulence is inadequate....
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