101 Essay #1 - 1 Black Males: Victims of Discrimination In...

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1 Black Males: Victims of Discrimination In “Black Men and Public Space,” Brent Staple argues that the society stereotypes black men as dangerous, violent and a threat. In order to disapprove such misconceptions, Staple shares his own unhappy experience. These real stories demonstrate how unfair and hurtful it is for him to be marked as something negative. Actually, he was not only the victim of these misconceptions but also the victim of the violence resulted from them. Moreover, this stereotypical idea is commonly held. Thus, Staple has to change the ways he behaves in public to dispel people’s misperception. These measures he had taken would be effective in changing his “threatening” image, and would make him more acceptable by the public. Based on the color of skin, people would perceive black men as a threat to their safety, and they fear to be the victims under their violence. However, black men are actually the victim of such misperception. Staple’s first experience is a good example of this phenomenon. In this story, a “white, well dressed” lady walked alone at night. Staple just walked down the same street behind her. He felt there was a “discreet, uninflammatory distance” between them. But to the lady, she felt Staple “seemed menacingly close.” So, she ran away in fear and quickly disappeared from his sight. Staple was a “youngish black man – a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pockets of a bulky military jacket.” This appearance made the lady misjudge him as a
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101 Essay #1 - 1 Black Males: Victims of Discrimination In...

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