101 Essay #3 - 1 Family Is Dangerous In Thanksgiving, Ellen...

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1 Family Is Dangerous In “Thanksgiving,” Ellen Goodman portrays the institution of family in a positive way. It is no doubt that family plays an important role during people’s growth since childhood. However, is the family influence good or bad for human development? On the one hand, some people are desperate pro- family. They believe that family is the warmest place where their dearest relatives live, who they can always depend upon. On the other hand, some people list lots of negative perspectives of family life. They blame family as the soil of “hate and rage and shame (Enrenreich 29).” At the very first sight, most people will agree with former. But by thinking it deeper, I draw a conclusion that family is dangerous. First thing first, family is not always generous as the warmest shelter, but often choosy. Shelter should be a kind of place we can walk in when we need to relax ourselves or be kept away from dangers. However, staying at home doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want to. And sometimes, family may be as critical as outside. Unlike what Ellen Goodman said “we don’t achieve to be accepted by our families (Goodman 4),” and “the world may abandon us, the family promises, at one time or another, to protect us (Goodman 5),” in the family we should play our due roles as mothers, fathers, children, husbands, wives and so on. That means we are not always free of “charge” in the family. Only after meeting the demands of other family members, we are welcomed at home. Failure to do so causes lots of unpleasant results. As children, we may be regarded as bad ones and even
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101 Essay #3 - 1 Family Is Dangerous In Thanksgiving, Ellen...

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