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COMPARING IRAQ & VIETNAM - Name Dongni Wang Course...

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Name: Dongni Wang Course: History of American Foreign Affairs Date: April 23 th The war in Iraq does resemble the war in Vietnam. To the United States, the reasons to launch both wars were similar; it wanted to establish a world order around its own interests. Iraq was thought to possess weapons of mass destruction, which were threats to America’s stability and security. Saddam Hussein was accused of supporting Al-Qaeda or other terrorist organizations. There were also human rights abuses by Iraqi government. US-led coalition invaded Iraq and attempted to establish a new democratic government and counter terrorists, and there was a domino effect in the Middle East in which the overthrow of Saddam Hussein would lead to a democracy prevailing in the region. The US was as well interested in the Iraq’s oil reserves for it was an important strategic recourse. Therefore, the US invasion in Iraq was motivated by both politic and economic concern.
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