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Name: Dongni Wang Course: History of American Foreign Affairs Date: Feb. 17 th After reading the first two documents, I was surprised by the slow actions taken by America and Britain to open a second front. In 1942, the Soviet Union stood against the Third Reich army and had a very tough time. According to both documents, Roosevelt and Churchill promised Stalin that U.S. and British forces would try their best to aid Soviet resist the Nazis (“no limit”); Roosevelt made that commitment in1942; Churchill later promised the last day to open a second front would be in September 1943. But both of them delayed set in. Soviet Union suffered heavy losses in both soldiers and
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Unformatted text preview: civilians. Moreover, according to Stalin, the conditions for opening a second front in Western Europe improved in 1943. Stalin urged Churchill that it was a very right time to do that in 1943. However the scheduled second front had not formed until June 1944 (Normandy Invasion). That is to say, there was a nearly 2 years late for Anglo-American to reach the Western Europe. This fact makes me wonder that if this late was actually Roosevelt and Churchills diplomacy. Would they benefit from it? Or if they had worried that this late may finally result the Allies failure....
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