HISTORY WORK FOR CH11 - Name: Dongni Wang Course: History...

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Name: Dongni Wang Course: History of American Foreign Affairs Date: April. 7 th How does Hearts and Minds explain America’s involvement in Vietnam? How persuasive do you find Peter Davis’s argument? Heart and Minds is a documentary film about the war in Vietnam directed by Peter Davis. It demonstrates America’s agonizing involvement in Vietnam. In this film, Davis interviews different people who have experienced this war, including Vietnamese civilians, former government officials and American soldiers. Davis uses them as his mouthpieces to argue that America’s imperialism lead its involvement in Vietnam, and this involvement causes great suffering to the Vietnamese. The United States intervened in the Vietnam War because of its pursuit of global hegemony, and its opposition to Vietnam’s communism. At the beginning of the film, Clark Clifford, aide to President Truman 1946-50, recalls the economic, military and industrial power the United States found itself with at the end of World War II. He says “in addition to feeling the sense of responsibility, we also began to feel the sense of power that possibly we could control the future of the world.” Vietnam becomes American object to rebuild a stable world system around its own interests. According to Robert Buzzanco, “Vietnam’s development along anticommunist lines, for instance, would be essential for the re-creation of capitalism in Japan and to keep the French appeased in Europe (Buzzanco 430).” Vietnam, with its abundant raw materials, could
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HISTORY WORK FOR CH11 - Name: Dongni Wang Course: History...

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