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We cannot deny the significance of Ronald Reagan's role in ending the Cold War . However, considering a variety of reasons that result in the ending of the war, there is actually no winner of loser. So, Reagan doesn’t deserve credit for winning the war. Reagan is instrumental in bringing about the end of the Cold War. He publicly described the USSR as an " evil empire " and supported anti-Communist movements worldwide . The Reagan administration funneled military assistance to rebel groups seeking to overthrow Soviet-backed regimes, such as the one in Afghanistan. In terms of economy, Reagan administration forced down the prices of the Soviet products and limited it to get high technology. In terms of military, he used a massive military buildup in an arms race with the USSR to pull down the Soviet economy and politics. He also used SDI initiative to make nuclear weapons “impotent and obsolete”, and to stimulate the Soviet movement toward negotiation with the US. Beyond doubt, in order to catch up the strategic arms
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