HISTORY WORK FOR Korea_POWs - Name: Dongni Wang Course:...

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Name: Dongni Wang Course: History of American Foreign Affairs Date: Mar. 3 rd The Korean War: POWs and the Brainwashing Scare Reading responses to Gallery and Wubben (due 03/03) How, according to Gallery, were POWs “brainwashed” by their communist captors? The communist captors in the Korean War used an inhuman method, “brainwashing” to change prisoners’ minds and souls. Under this ruthless technique, which had been experimented on animals, the Reds made these victims “confess” what they want. No matter how strong a prisoner’s body or will was, he could not escape from physically or mentally cracking unless he chose to commit suicide. The following is the concrete process of “brainwashing.” “They first reduce their victims to about the status of a dog or rat. They make you live in solitary filth, deprived of all human contacts. They strip you of all human dignity and deny you food and sleep till you are nearly, but not quite, dead. Torture is used judiciously, with clinical skill. Time drags out into eternity, where you are alone with your thoughts. You become a borderline case between a human being and a rat struggling to stay alive. Then constant interminable repetition of their ideas erodes your brain. Your senses of proportion and values get distorted. Eventually your natural instincts may be replaced, like the rat's, by conditioned reflexes.” What do we learn from Gallery’s article about American cold war attitudes towards communism in general and “Oriental” communism in particular? American cold war attitude toward communism in general was actually what they
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HISTORY WORK FOR Korea_POWs - Name: Dongni Wang Course:...

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