political part - Political Opposition regarding MUA...

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Political Opposition regarding MUA (municipal utility authority) Members of the Newark Water Group, with support from State Sen. Ronald L. Rice and former Mayor Kenneth Gibson, warned the board that Booker's plan only adds bureaucracy to the management of city water. "A properly managed and run public water department can serve the citizens of Newark much better," said residents' group organizer Terri Suess. According to the State Office of Legislative Services “the State MUA law strictly limits the power of municipal governments over MUAs. The administration pulled the proposal off the table because there was no support for it on the city council. That’s because there was so much opposition from residents. After all, the idea sounded just like one that the currently elected officials opposed so vociferously when Mayor Sharpe James , suggested privatizing Newark’s water. 40 years ago the City of Newark had a Municipal Utility Authority for water and the City Council did away with it. Political Figures Opinions "Under our plan (MUA), every major decision has to be approved by city council. If you want a contract, if you want to make a sale, every major decision, even billing, has to go before the city council. (said Mayor Cory Booker) The mayor said an authority, appointed by the city and under contract to lease the water system, could make money through improved meter
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political part - Political Opposition regarding MUA...

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