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Situation Analysis - I. Situation Analysis The North Face,...

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I. Situation Analysis The North Face, Inc. is a company that currently offers outdoor products to customers in its target market. The company supplies a range of performance apparel, equipment and footwear for world-class climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders and explorers. Originally, The North Face was a brand associated with high-performance mountain climbing, backpacking, and skiing gear. But when The North Face began penetrating upscale retail stores, it has turned to be a brand to be so loved by youth. The North Face’s products are durable and can withstand the rough outdoor environment; its outdoor clothing and equipment have been the brand of choice for numerous high altitude and polar expeditions. The company’s main product line offers cold weather items, and along with casual sportswear including shirts and pants. Considering the brand loyalty created by The North Face’s high quality and high performance products, we plan to leverage its brand name and market both spring and summer product lines. The spring and summer products will not only focus on apparel and equipments but also include footwear and accessories; they could be swimsuits, surfboards, skateboard, sandals, roller skates, sunglasses, and so on. These products
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Situation Analysis - I. Situation Analysis The North Face,...

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