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Marketing Research EXAM1 - Marketing Research EXAM #1...

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Marketing Research EXAM #1 Spring 2010 I promise that all work on this examination is my own product or that of my group alone. I did not ask for, nor seek out, nor provide, any assistance to anyone else in this course. To be fair to everyone, if you know of someone who violated this code, it’s up to you to let me know. Violations of this code by me will result in a failing grade on this exam and a report to the Rutgers Dean’s Office for further disciplinary action. With my signature below, I affirm that I have followed this code. Name (print):_______________________________________ Signature (or e-mail sent only from your Rutgers account):_________________________________ 1 ____ 11 ____ 21 ____ 2 ____ 12 ____ 22 ____ 3 ____ 13 ____ 23 ____ 4 ____ 14 ____ 24 ____ 5 ____ 15 ____ 25 ____ 6 ____ 16 ____ 26 ____ 7 ____ 17 ____ 27 ____ 8 ____ 18 ____ 28 ____ 9 ____ 19 ____ 29 ____ 10 ____ 20 ____ 30 ____ PART 1: (60 points) 1. During a focus group interview, it is imperative that the focus group moderator: A) remain completely objective. B) have good quantitative skills. C) have a wide range of capability regarding focus group equipment. D) be able to screen for appropriate focus group participants. E) all of the above 2. Often the more serious threat to survey accuracy is which type of error: A) Random error B) Measurement error C) Chance variation D) Margin of Error (MoE) Page 1
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They’re all equally serious threats to accuracy 3. Which of the following is an example of a projective test? A) focus group B) sentence completion C) concept test D) concept-product test E) ZMET 4. When research is commissioned for public relations purposes or to prove a position, this is referred to as a(n) _________ study. A) qualitative B) quantitative C) advocacy D) E) valid claims 5. Which of the following would characterize a basic research effort? A) determining the best package design for a Hispanic market B) forecasting the demand for a new computer service C) determining whether or not to add a new model or option to a car D) deciding which retail locations will produce the most consumer traffic E) determining if there are differences between online surveys and traditional surveys 6. Which of the following is a condition conducive to observational research ? A) The behavior of interest must last over an extended period of time. B) The behavior must occur frequently to be captured, rather than only once in a great while. C) The behavior needs to provide answers the question concerning why someone behaved as they did. D) The behavior is best observed when viewed through a one-way mirror E) all of the above 7. The fact that not every person is likely to visit a suburban mall where studies are conducted can cause which type of error in sampling ? Page
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Marketing Research EXAM1 - Marketing Research EXAM #1...

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