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The University of Michigan – Dearborn Electrical and Computer Engineering Department ECE 575: Computer Architecture 1 Assignment # 2 Time allocated: one week 1. Instead of using a special hardware multiplier, it is possible to multiply using shift instructions. This is particularly attractive when multiplying by small specific constants. Suppose we want to multiply the value of $s0 by 8, show a minimal sequence of MIPS instructions for doing this without using a multiply instruction. 2. Design 3-bit carry lookahead adder. Compare the performance of your design with carry-ripple adder. 3. Show the IEEE 754 binary representation for the floating-point numbers 10.5, 0.375, and –2/3 in single precisions. Note: all these number are decimal. 4. Using 4-bit numbers to multiply 3 10 x 6 10. Use the multiplication hardware that I used in
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Unformatted text preview: my PowerPoint slides page 17. You may use a table similar to the one on the textbook. 5. We wish to add the instruction jr (jump register) to the single-cycle datapath. Add any necessary datapaths and control signals to the single-cycle datapath. Show the addition on the diagram below 6. This question is similar to question 5 except that we wish to add the instruction lui (load upper immediate). Read Addres Instr[31-Instruction Memory Ad P 4 Write Read Addr Read Addr Write Registe r Read Data Read Data ALU ovf zero RegWrite Data Memor Addres Write Read MemWrite MemRead Sign Exten d 1 3 MemtoReg ALUSrc Shift Ad PCSrc RegDst ALU contro l 1 1 1 1 ALUOp Instr[5-0] Instr[15-0] Instr[25-21] Instr[20-16] Instr[15 -11] Contr ol Unit Instr[31-26] Branch...
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assignment-2 (1) - my PowerPoint slides page 17. You may...

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