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Unformatted text preview: Recitation Section: Print Name: Phy 61: Introductory Mechanics EXAM 1 February 15, 2008 Directions: Print your name and recitation section number at the top of this page. Write complete answers to all questions and problems in the space provided. The total number of points possible is 100. The number of points possible for each problem is indicated in parentheses after the problem number. You may use your 1 page, 1 side “cheat sheet”, but you may not refer to any books or notes during the exam. Calculators are allowed only for numerical calculation. You must hand in your cheat sheet with the exam. Remember that the same rules as for homework apply to solutions: you need to include, where appropriate, English explanations of the physics involved. Pay attention to units and significant figures. When you are finished, sign below (if the honor code statement is true), then turn in the exam. It is a violation of the Duke Community Standard to share any information about this exam with any student in the class who has not yet taken it, or for you to have received information about it from someone who already took it. Affirmation of Duke Community Standard I have adhered to the Duke Community Standard in completing this exam. Signed: 1. (10 points) For each statement below, circle T if it is true, F if it is false. (a) Magnitude of displacement is always less than or equal to distance traveled....
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This note was uploaded on 02/10/2011 for the course PHYSICS 61 taught by Professor Scholberg during the Spring '09 term at Duke.

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exam1_2008-1 - Recitation Section Print Name Phy 61...

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