HRM/531 WEEK 4 - Performance and Career Management Laura...

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Performance and Career Management Laura Nash University of Phoenix HRM/531 Anne Selcer January 24, 2011 Performance and Career Management – Appraisals and Feedback Throughout InterClean’s developmental meetings, a performance and career management plan has been noted to be implemented for the sales team. An appraisal system is put into play, which will allow each employee to know where he/she stands with the company. It is important for the employees to know their strengths and weaknesses. Each employee will have a meeting with management to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and goals. This meeting will also discuss action plans for improvement and the manager will help set out into notice for ongoing goals with points of encouragement and motivation (DeJanasz, Dowd & Schnieder, 2002). There will also be a segment during the meeting that gives employees to give feedback regarding the appraisal along with being able to provide other suggestions. Feedback is important to InterClean and the employees no matter whether it is positive or negative. Employees need to learn from constructive criticism and for InterClean to know how to work with the department and each employee to improve production. Management will have a rubic for the appraisal on the requirements that each employee
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HRM/531 WEEK 4 - Performance and Career Management Laura...

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