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Korter_CHE_116_syllabus_SPRING_2011 - CHE 116 General...

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1 CHE 116: General Chemistry Lecture, Spring 2011 GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Instructor Professor Tim Korter Office: 1-046 Center for Science and Technology Office Hours: By appointment, appointments are scheduled via e-mail Phone: 443-0269, Email: [email protected], Website: http://blackboard.syr.edu (CHE.116.M009) Course Description This course builds upon on the fundamental chemical principles learned in the first semester course (CHE 106) and introduces chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, intermolecular forces, detailed chemical equilibria, modern materials, and introductory organic chemistry. Class Times and Locations Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:50 PM Gifford Auditorium (HB Crouse Building) Recitations: Monday (M011) 12:45-1:40PM Physics Building 106 Monday (M012) 5:15-6:10PM Life Science Building 011 Monday (M013) 7:30-8:25PM Life Science Building 011 Tuesday (M014) 9:30-10:25AM Life Science Building 100 Tuesday (M015) 2:00-2:55PM Slocum Hall 104 Tuesday (M016) 5:00-5:55PM Life Science Building 011 Wednesday (M017) 10:35-11:30AM Sims Hall 331 Wednesday (M010) 3:45-4:40PM Life Science Building 105 Textbook and Supporting Materials (ALL AVAILABLE AT THE SU BOOKSTORE) • Chemistry, The Central Science, 11 th ed. by Brown, LeMay, Bursten, and Murphy (Pearson- Prentice Hall, 2009) • Student’s Guide , 11 th ed. by Hill (Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2009) • MasteringChemistry login information (http://www.masteringchemistry.com/) Register using your SU login name and Course ID: MCKORTER88279 • iClicker (electronic remote for in-class participation) Register the iClicker at http://www.iclicker.com/registration/ using your NetID ( SU login name ) and your iClicker serial number (8 characters) from the back of the device. Your basic responsibilities include: Attend lectures, bring your iClicker to class, read the assigned material. Study your lecture notes and assigned text reading. Attend recitations. Do assigned homework on time and review them before exams. Do not fall behind! BRING A CALCULATOR TO ALL LECTURES, RECITATIONS, AND EXAMS. Take all of the examinations.
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2 APPROXIMATE LECTURE SCHEDULE The following schedule of classes lists the topics that will be covered on a particular date along with the relevant reading in the textbook. Complete the reading before the scheduled lecture time since it will make the lecture much easier to follow. Copies of the lecture notes will be put on the course web site. DATE TOPIC TEXT READING (Chapter.Section) Tues. Jan. 18 Syllabus/Course Overview Technology: MasteringChemistry, iClicker Syllabus Thurs. Jan. 20 Reaction Rates, Concentration and Rate 14.1-14.3 Tues. Jan. 25 Concentration vs. time, Temperature and Rate 14.4-14.5 Thurs. Jan. 27 Reaction Mechanisms, Catalysis 14.6-14.7 Tues. Feb. 1 Chemical Equilibrium, Equilibrium Constants 15.1-15.3 Thurs. Feb. 3 Using Equilibrium Constants 15.4-15.6 Tues. Feb. 8 Le Châtelier’s Principle 15.7 Thurs. Feb. 10 Acids and Bases, pH
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Korter_CHE_116_syllabus_SPRING_2011 - CHE 116 General...

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