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HW5 Sol - UCLA MAE 183 HW#5 Solutions Fall 2010 Review Q...

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1 UCLA MAE 183 HW#5 Solutions – Fall 2010 Review Q 26.7: Identify the significant disadvantages of electrochemical machining. Answer . Disadvantages of ECM include (1) cost of electrical power to operate the process, and (2) cost of disposal of electrolyte sludge. Review Q 26.8: How does increasing discharge current affect metal removal rate and surface finish in electric discharge machining? Answer . As discharge current increases, metal removal rate increases and surface finish is degraded. Review Q 26.12: Name the four principal steps in chemical machining. Answer . The four steps are (1) cleaning, (2) masking, (3) etching, and (4) demasking. Review Q 26.15: ( Video ) What are the three layers of a part’s surface after undergoing EDM? Answer . The three layers are the following: (1) Spheres attached to the surface made of part material and electrode material that have spattered the surface. This layer is easily removed. (2) Recast or white layer where EDM has altered the workpiece metallurgical structure. It can be reduced by specifying the proper settings and removed by polishing. (3) Heat affected zone or annealed layer. It has only been heated, not melted. Multiple Choice Q 26.1: Which of the following processes use mechanical energy as the principal energy source (three correct answers): (a) electrochemical grinding, (b) laser beam machining, (c) conventional milling, (d) ultrasonic machining, (e) water jet cutting, and (f) wire EDM? Answer
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HW5 Sol - UCLA MAE 183 HW#5 Solutions Fall 2010 Review Q...

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