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HW7 Sol - UCLA MAE 183 HW#7 Solutions Fall 2010 Review Q...

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1 UCLA MAE 183 HW#7 Solutions – Fall 2010 Review Q 37.2: What is the approximate size scale in MEMS and microsystem technology (MST)? (The problem statement is slightly modified from that in the text.) Answer . Product features in MEMS and MST are measured in microns. Review Q 37.3: Why is it reasonable to believe that microsystem products would be available at lower costs than products of larger, more conventional size? Answer . Because they tend to use batch fabrication process and use less material also helps. Review Q 37.6: Name some products that represent MEMS/MST technology. Answer . The text discusses ink-jet printing heads, thin-film magnetic heads, CDs, DVDs, various automotive sensors (e.g., airbag sensor, pressure sensor), light processing chips (e.g., TI’s DLP HD TV). There are more. Review Q 37.7: Why is silicon a desirable work material in MEMS/MST technology? Answer . The single most important reason is because MEMS/MST rides on the vast amount of technology developed and infrastructured by IC technology and industry. Reasons given in the text are (1) the microdevices in MST often include electronic circuits, so both the circuit and the microdevice can be fabricated in combination on the same substrate; (2) in addition to its desirable electronic properties, silicon also possesses useful mechanical properties, such as high strength and elasticity, good hardness, and relatively low density; (3) the technologies for processing silicon are well-established, owing to their widespread use in microelectronics; and (4) use of single-crystal
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HW7 Sol - UCLA MAE 183 HW#7 Solutions Fall 2010 Review Q...

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