Assignmentweek 1-Career Planning Worksheet

Assignmentweek 1-Career Planning Worksheet - Phil Le CAREER...

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Phil Le CAREER PLANNING WORKSHEET 1. Describe your ideal occupation in terms of responsibilities, skills, and how you would know if you were successful My ideal occupation is to become a successful regional manager at the South East Asian branch of one Information and Communication Technology (ICT) multi- national company, where I can apply my technical ICT knowledge (as a specialist) and my managerial skills (as a generalist) to successfully perform my management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in this regional branch’s business activities in order to achieve the company’s goals. In order to accomplish my goal of being a successful regional manager in such a fast-developing ICT regional market, besides my understanding of the cultures, lifestyles, the customers wants and needs, I have to strengthen my knowledge and skills of being a good planner for achieving the company’s goals; a good teacher (for my subordinates) to build up a good team; a good listener for stimulating my subordinates’ active contributions to the company’s goals; and an efficient delegator of duties and tasks to my appropriate subordinates. If I am successful in my position, most of the company’s planned goals for this region will be achieved effectively and efficiently in terms of increase in revenues/sales and profits, expansion in market share and customer equity, increase in employees loyalty and productivity as well as in many other criteria.
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Assignmentweek 1-Career Planning Worksheet - Phil Le CAREER...

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