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Group 4 Dr. Mansour Sharifzadeh MHR 301 14 October 2010 MEMO TO: The students of MHR 301 Fall 2010 FROM: IBM Chief Executive Officer DATE: October 14 In these days, most businesses have to face such new challenges as globalization, technological changes, knowledge management, and cross-line collaboration. As you already know, management is both art and science to reach organization goals and objectives through other people’s work. That is why Thomas J. Watson, the Founder of IBM wrote “You can get capital and erect buildings, but it takes people to build a business” to show the importance of people in organizations, especially in knowledge-based companies where the balance of power is shifting toward employees who own their own human capital. If they leave, bringing their human capital, organizations will be specially vulnerable. So, to establish a strong
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Unformatted text preview: competitiveness, you have to obtain, retain, and engage your organization’s most valuable resource: Human resources. My advice for managing people is: First, study all management approaches to find something applicable to your particular personel management. You should meet your employees’ psychological needs, reflected through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because their needs of self-actualization and esteem are more important than their economical ones. They feel happy by receiving many fringe benefits, days off, flexible hours, rewards and promotion. Second, perform participative management by getting them involed in decision making process. Last, under contingency perspective, you should categorize the situations and choose the most appropriate staff to handle such situations effectively....
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