Business with India - Cultural differences

Business with India - Cultural differences - Following...

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Unformatted text preview: Following lectures "Business with I ndia" oday's world is a global world where people from different countries and cultures meet each other and work together on a daily basis. Everyone is shaped by their own culture whether they know it or not. Our very thoughts and actions are dependent on our culture. These thoughts and actions are so ingrained that we don't even think about them until we are confronted with another culture and another way of doing things. T Usually, people forget the cultural differences and as a result face problems or unpleasant situations instead of enjoying successful and cooperative work. I want to share with you my experience of working with different culture as an example. I am an IT project Manager, specialized in ERP, in a Global Pharmaceutical Company. The company is a continuously growing company which acquires a new subsidiaries, facilities and factories over the world almost every year. As you can imagine, the process itself is usually not so pleasant and trivial, since the organization has many changes in different panels and aspects in a very short period of time. Course: Doing Business in India, International Executive MBA, Haifa University First of all, the Head Quarters usually cut considerable amount of the employees and closes plants of the purchased company. Another aspect is that as a result of companies' integration part of the job positions are cancelled since sometime there is no need in two people to do the same job. Consequently, the employees in the purchased company are feeling threaten and unstable, and of course, resist the changes. Moreover, the ERP program in the purchased company is always replaced by the global one applied in all Company's sites. By the time our IT team starts working with the site, the damage of acquisition is already done and we required to be as sensitive as possible but at the same time, to accomplish our goals in a very short time. One of more colorful and illustrative examples of such projects was the implementation of ERP program in Companys India Business Unit. I was a project manager leading this project. India is a country of both - diversity and continuity. It is a creative blend of cultures, religions, races and languages. The nations identity and social structure remain protected by a rich cultural heritage that dates back at least 5,000 years, making India one of the oldest civilizations in the world. These facts are well-known to everyone who ever has heard about India. In spite of this, nobody in the company none of our team was prepared in details what these differences are about. Lets review some of aspects that could be done differently improving the work experience for the both sides....
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Business with India - Cultural differences - Following...

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