american welfare system

american welfare system - T he welfare system was first...

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The welfare system was first formed around the time of the great depression of the 1930's. The initial intentions held merit. It was designed to assist the poorest of the poor, helping them to maintain a level by which families could meet their basic human needs, such as food and shelter. Although it was to help entire families, it was primarily used by women, who for whatever reason, found themselves raising their children on their own. It was also only intended as a temporary stopgap, a way in which families could help themselves during troubled times, until they were able to secure employment. However, over the decades since, the welfare system has been grossly overused and abused. To set aside "political correctness" for a moment, many have found it far too easy to continue having children, knowing that with each additional child, their social assistance cheques would be larger. Although many have only used social assistance as a "leg up", while they were either pursuing a higher level of education or until they could find employment, many have only seen it as an easy way to obtain "free" money each month, for years on end, without having to go out and look for work themselves. These are the ones
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american welfare system - T he welfare system was first...

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