lecture - RFID can play a key role in helping companies...

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RFID can play a key role in helping companies manage the inventory of materials arriving on a construction site, as well as reduce theft and help improve the management of tools and other critical assets. Without leaving your desk, hear from end users about their use of RFID, and how the technology has benefited their company.Since most BMW buywers prefer customized cars, each vehicle is assembled according the individuals’ needs with options such as specific interiors, seats and engine parts for each order. In the past, providing such customized instructions to the line operators was a challenge, but now each station employs the BMW Tool Assistance System , which combines tool-controlling software with technology in order to better instruct line operators. The system allows BMW to identify each vehicle as it moves through the assembly line, in addition to recognizing its location and all of the tools needed to be used on the car. When an empty BMW shell enters the assembly line, a worker encodes its VIN number onto a RFID tag and places it onto the vehicles hood. From there, the tag transmits the car’s VIN number though a series of short signals. Tags are also placed on tools, so once a reader captures a tool’s tag ID number, it transmits the data to the system via a cabled connection. The software then integrates the tags’ location with the existing tool-control system, which sends the appropriate instructions to the tools being used on that specific tagged car.
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lecture - RFID can play a key role in helping companies...

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