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Physics Questions - is not labeled or shown o The answer...

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Physics Questions 05:01 UNIT 1 Concepts Gravity: I understand that the Force of gravity exerted between two objects is equal  but what equation tells us that the effects is related to the mass? o For example, I know I exert the same gravitational force/pull on earth as  the earth does on me, but how come I don’t make the earth pull towards  me, but instead im pulled towards the earth Also what is the difference between F=Gm1m2/r^2 and g=GM/r2 o One is labeled universal law of gravitation (as in the force felt between 2  objects) and the other is labeled gravitational force field. SINE/COSINE…I don’t even remember how to draw sine and cosine but I  remember the test question being You have Force F with theta, which curve shows sine (theta) and the ORIGIN 
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Unformatted text preview: is not labeled or shown o The answer was red. But if we don’t know which is origin, how do we know which one is sine. The answer key said something about designating one as sine and seeing which one is “Leading” o Physics 1101-Unit 2 05:01 Problem Question 11 (Chapter 4) The answer key says you add 1 and 2 then solve for a. Why do we add 1 and 2? Why not figure out Fx-pumpkin=m pumpkin a=T-m pumpkin gsin53 And figure out Fx watermelon =m watermelon a=M watermelon gsin30-T Because it’s a pulley Ts are equal and Acceleration is equal Cant we solve for T in both equations, then set the two equations equal. Then solve for a (accelerataion) I did this, got different Asnwer 05:01...
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Physics Questions - is not labeled or shown o The answer...

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