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Yanting Wang Sept. 20, 2010 Comm 201 Informative Speech Outline TA: Jenna Boyle Title: Transformation of Barbie as a Cultural Icon General Subject: Barbie Specific Subject: A very brief overview Barbie doll’s transformation into a cultural icon and her representation of modern culture. Purpose: To educate the audience of how a doll’s image could represent the various cultural changes occurring throughout history. Main Ideas: (Organization: Chronological) I. Barbie’s debut initialized a transformation of tradition to modern image of women. Barbie portrays women as one with infinite opportunities. II. After a period of novel and revolutionizing ideas, Barbie’s second phase coincides with a reversion back to the ideas of domesticity. III. Today, we can see that Barbie still represents the various social changes occurring in our society. Central Idea: Although Barbie is superficially seen as a familiar popular toy, upon further examination, Barbie can be seen as a proxy for cultural transformation throughout history. Her life represents the change to a new bold female image, a change back to the old traditional image, and continues to reflect upon changes today. Introduction: a. Attention Grabber: i. What little girl (and I guess perhaps some boys) didn’t grow up playing with the Barbie doll? ii. Even today, we see Barbie as the epitome of our dream girl iii. To be honest, Barbie is “Hot” 1. Perfect hour glass body 2. Bleach blond California girl hair 3. Cool outfits We may see Barbie as the ditzy valley girl, however, upon further analysis, Barbie can be used as a marker for the development of culture through out history. Imagine a girl with 20-inch waist, 6 feet tall, bust size C, and an entrancingly beautiful face. Her body is perfect, she holds various occupations: doctor, astronaut, party girl, and she’s every boy’s dream. Who is this mystery woman? We all know her, we’ve all seen her. No, its not Miranda Kerr, nor Megan Fox (PowerPoint picture). The woman we are
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imagining is Barbie Millicent Roberts. Today, we can see that the Barbie doll’s ubiquitous presence all around us. From toy shelves, to tv ads, to videogames, and even
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Informative Speech Outline_new - Yanting Wang Sept 20 2010...

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