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Yanting Wang yw275 Anthropology of Medicine and Society August 27, 2010 “Being a Mama’s Boy: Good for Your Health?” This article discusses the results of recent research that suggests being doted by mothers and having a close relationship with mothers is healthier than boys who embrace a more masculine persona. Benefits of boys who remain close with mothers and shunned the masculine stereotypes showed more emotional availability, better rates of mental healthy, were more likely to seek medical help when needed, and finds life’s challenges less daunting. Culture affects the mental health of child. The article states the negative affects of a masculine focused culture and its effects on the health of boys and men. This showed that health is not only ruled by biological factors, but also largely by social and cultural factors. September 1, 2010 “Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young” This article details the story of a young boy, Kyle, who was put through an experience much like Lia in The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down . Kyle, a young boy started taking various antipsychotic drugs as he travelled from doctor to doctor, each diagnosing him with a different psychiatric disorder. Kyle’s mother noticed that her child, although sedated and obedient, was “not her son”. Eventually, Kyle was removed from the drugs and recovered. The article notes the high increase in prescribing antipsychotic drugs for children that are sometimes unnecessary. In Kyle’s case, the author notes that his behavior problems were not medical, but arose from family turmoil and language delays, none of which justified treatment with antipsychotic drugs. The author also noted the increased frequency of prescribed antipsychotic drugs to kids from lower income family or foster care because it was cheaper than providing therapy and counseling. Kyle’s story depicts the increase medicalization of health in which social factors are often overlooked and biomedicine is looked to as a quick fix. Like Lia’s case, sometimes biomedicine can sometimes cause more harm than good. September 13, 2010 “Group call for mandatory flu shots for health care workers” The article discusses how various institution and states are requiring all health care workings to receive flu shot because voluntary vaccination policy was ineffective. CDC reports a flue vaccination rate of just over 52% for nearly 250 hospitals and hospital groups in 2008-2009. In states and institution that do not strictly require flue shots, workers must follow extra precautionary procedures such as wearing a sign stating their vaccination status or wearing surgical mask. Health care administrator such as Dr. Fishman at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, believe that those who “enter the
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scapbook1 - Yanting Wang yw275 Anthropology of Medicine and...

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