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Yanting Wang Film Review: Dirty Pretty Things. America is often portrayed as the paradigm of a melting pot, filled with a medley of people from all around the world to which defines the country itself. Judging by Stephen Frear, the director of “Dirty Pretty Things”, life in the UK is nonetheless, just as much a bubbling cauldron as its former colonies. Many cities today are in fact populated by people of all different ethnicities and cultures while homogenous populations are rare and found to be exclusive to remote villages and small towns. Ironically, immigrants are what seem to drive the prosperity of these major cities, providing cheap labor as well as cultural diversity. Frear’s film successfully captures the role immigrants play in the big city as well as the affect of nationalistic views in the marginalization of the human body both politically and medically. Okwe, the protagonist of the film, is a Nigerian doctor who is living illegally in London and surviving by working two jobs. By day, he is a taxi driver and by night, he is a hall porter at a hotel. In the little time that Okwe has to rest, he sleeps on the sofa of a co-worker of the hotel, Senay. Senay is a Turkish immigrant who is currently under surveillance by immigration authorities. Under terms of admission, Senay is forbidden from receiving money for rent or engage in paid employment for at least six months, although she is doing both. Senay is also a Muslim, and therefore must keep her relation with Okwe a secret. Many, knowing Okwe was a doctor in Nigeria, often consult him on medical issues. Having no way of obtaining drugs and proper equipment, Okwe’s friend, Guo Yi, a coroner, helps Okwe obtain the needed supplies. The first half of
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moviereview2 - Yanting Wang Film Review Dirty Pretty Things...

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