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Problem set 1 - Name _Answer Key_ Section _ Chemistry 120A...

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Name ___ Answer Key ________ Section _____________ Chemistry 120A Fall 2010 Problem Set 1 Due Date: Friday, October 15 th ; 11:00 am Pacific Hall 4100G Attach Additional Pages. 11 Problems. 200 Points Total Problem 1 (10 pts). 2p z 4d xy 3s 3p z a) Listed above are four orbitals with labels ( n, l, m l ). For each orbital sketch a constant electron density surface with the cross section taken through either the xz or yz plane. b) On each constant electron density surface sketch in (a), clearly label both radial and angular nodes. 2pz 1 angular node (dotted lines) No radial nodes 4dxy (taken in xy plane) One radial node (red) two angular nodes (dotted lines) 3s No angular nodes 2 radial nodes (red) 3pz One radial node (red) one angular node (dotted line)
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Problem 2 (10 pts). a) Provide ground state electron configurations for the following gas-phase atoms. It is acceptable the short-hand noble gas configuration to represent core electrons i. Co 2+ ii. Au iii. V 1- iv. Ir v. Te b) Indicate which of (if any) of the above atoms/ions are isoelectronic. a) i) [Ar] 4s 2 3d 5 ii) [Xe] 6s 1 4f 14 5s 10 iii) [Ar] 4s 1 3d 5 iv) [Xe] 6s 2 4f 14 5d 7 v) [Kr] 5s 2 4d 10 5p 4 b) None are isoelectronic Problem 3 (10 pts). Br, Cl, S, Ba, Na, Fe, Si, C, P a) For the elements listed above, rank the elements (smallest to largest) by their atomic radii. b) Using effective nuclear charge (Z eff ) and principle quantum number (n) provide a concise rationalization of your ordering in part (a). a)
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Problem set 1 - Name _Answer Key_ Section _ Chemistry 120A...

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