AD ANALYSIS 1302 - Sherpa1 Prof Dr Forbess How Cool Is It...

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Sherpa 1 Prof. Dr. Forbess How Cool Is It to Get Dressed Up Like a Cowboy ? Passang Sherpa This commercial advertisement is from the Envy magazine, published in March 2008. Dominated with black and red colors, this ad looks quite glamorous with three young models pictured in it. They’re all dressed up with clothing styles that a cowboy dress up with. The main purpose of this ad or image is to attract customers who want to buy clothes, jewelries, belts, and clothing accessories from the company that has paid for this advertisement. Like I said, black and red are the dominant colors in this image. There are 2 beautiful female models and 1 male model. They are also wearing clothes in black. Red color can be found on the car and the motel’s signboard, behind the models in the image. The main figure in this image is the female model with pants on. She displays clothes, belt buckle, wrist jewelry, leather jacket, and necklace on her neck. The only male in this image has been placed between the two females but I do not think he is there to grab the main attention. The other female also had a beautiful neckpiece, and arm band on her body. Both of the female models have dressed up in such a way that the image can create sexual drive at least to some extent. The dominant female has exposed her abdomen, and her naval. The other female is wearing very short skirt and exposing her thighs
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AD ANALYSIS 1302 - Sherpa1 Prof Dr Forbess How Cool Is It...

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