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Dr. Long SPCH 1311-7010 Passang Sherpa Dubbing A Video Have you ever wondered how the cartoon animation characters were able to speak ( literally )in animation movies ? The idea behind putting voice into cartoon characters is video dubbing. Not only cartoon animations but documentary narrations, real character movies, tv shows, and a lot of media programs that we see on television or movie theatre, have benefitted from video dubbing. Video dubbing is the process of recording voice over a video. It is interesting to say that you do not need to take a month-long course to learn how to dub or record voice over a video. For the past few years, I’ve been trying to learn about mixing music and vocals. I came across some video editing computer programs that I played around and that is how I learned to do this. Believe me that it is very easy to do. Basically there are four steps in dubbing a video : analyzing a video, planning the script or what to record, getting a microphone and a video editing software, and recording at proper timing. First of all, you have to have a video file that you want to dub. The first step of video
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Dubbing A Video FULL - Dr Long SPCH 1311-7010 Passang...

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