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Passang Sherpa Dr. Long SPCH 1311-7010 Book Abstract of The Power of Positive Thinking The Power of Positive Thinking is a fabulous source of positive energy for anybody who reads it. It was written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and he deserves respect and regards for his marvelous work. The book has 17 chapters in total, accompanied by the preface, of course, and an epilogue from Dr. Norman at the end of the book. Positive thinking is the central theme or idea of this book. Dr. Norman has tried to convince readers by providing details about a number of events that he himself encountered in his life. The content of the book relate to all the people in this world. The book starts with the first suggestion which is about believing in oneself, and gradually the following chapters suggest the readers to have positive thinking in various ways. One specific feature that we can see in every chapter of the book is that, Dr. Norman is a person
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Unformatted text preview: who believes in God. That is why in each of his suggestions, he asks the reader to pray to God. Finding meanings of what we possess is the way rather than worrying about what we do not possess, thats what the book suggests. The book tells us about how wonderful our lives are if we start thinking positively. Believing in God and omitting all the negative thoughts from ones mind will surely help him/her achieve happiness and success in life. The chapters in this book talk about various sections of human life such as age, financial condition, relationships, and social conditions. By relating to various aspects of human life, Dr. Norman suggests the ways and methods to overcome certain problems such as worry, unhappiness, lack of confidence, lack of energy, and insecurity. People have to believe in God, and have faith in Him. According to the book or Dr. Norman,...
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