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debate - sickness floods and the other annoying incursions...

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Being young we don't know the difference between gold and brass. We can't hear the difference between a voice repeating an undigested concept and the one who actually holds and lives by certain principles. So we are fooled and fool each other. And then we realise, 'this is not the person I married'. When family makes the selection their eyes see deeper.Your family knows that you absolutely cannot tolerate certain kinds of people, reject certain attitudes, and can see deeper than eye makeup or a good hair cut. The problem with so-called 'love' matches is that we tend to be attracted to non-existent people. We see a man with long hair and assume he is revolutionary or artistic, we see a woman all dressed up looking like a queen, and we 'fall in love' with the packaging Romantic love rarely last few years. It either mellows into a deeper connection or dissipates as cheap perfume. It doesn't hold up to the stresses of traffic jams, recession,
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Unformatted text preview: sickness, floods, and the other annoying incursions of reality. Like fairy tales, romantic love only exists in realms of fantasy, and one can not base their future on the possibility of its lasting. When a marriage is arranged both families have vested interests in seeing that the marriage works. They go out of their way, supplying money, time, diversions, to insure that the marriage works. Yes, call it interference. You’ll only know the result when come on breaking point of your marriage. This isn't two people alone in the world except for each other, these are two people totally absorbed by each other's family. Just as one can't divorce their parents or sibling or children, and most do their best to maintain a relationship, in spite of the same mechanism plays in arranged marriages.The relationship between the couple and their families lasts beyond the death of one of them....
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