FINANCE PAPER - Dear President, The gap in wealth among...

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Dear President, The gap in wealth among different races not only exists but tends to grow wider with time. Not only blacks but other races of color fall behind when it comes to comparison of their wealth with that of the whites. Even though racism seems to have almost disappeared, there are several race-related factors which play vital roles in maintaining the wealth gap between different races. There are vast disparities between Whites' wealth and Colored Races' wealth. The most contributing factor that affects the wealth gap between Whites and Colored races(esp. Blacks) is "Inheritance". White children can get a headstart with the help of inheritance they get from their parents whereas Black children are most likely to not receive much as inheritance or receive nothing at all. It can be the same case among the Hispanic people. If children from all the races can receive almost equal amounts of inheritance, then they can all start the financial race from the same point. What I am trying to get at is that if the parents of today, no matter what race they are, are given equal opportunities so that they can accumulate enough income then it will benefit the children of tomorrow, resulting in closing of the wealth gap between races. The Blacks were deprived of the opportunity to own homes which can generate wealth over the time. Home equity
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FINANCE PAPER - Dear President, The gap in wealth among...

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