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2nd response paper - Passang Sherpa Response Paper To : Is...

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Passang Sherpa Response Paper To : Is It Ethical to pirate softwares just to try them out ? The debate about software piracy for trying out, being ethical or not, was a good one. There are several types of piracy and software piracy is regarded as a major problem today. Pirating softwares, in general, is unethical and illegal. I am an Information Technology student so this debate was interesting for me. Regarding the participants, they brought forward some good points which made me stop and think about the debate topic. Suveksha, Ryan, and Dan believed that it was ethical to pirate softwares just for trying them out. They all stressed on the "trying out" of the softwares rather than piracy itself. Suveksha said that software prices should be made affordable so that people would not have to pirate them. She put forward points from a college student's perspective. Then there was discussion about anti-virus software prices being expensive. Regarding Suveksha's point, I'd say that I agree with her to a certain extent only. Software companies are not solely composed of programmers but also of marketing and business departments.
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The business departments of such companies would at least know that softwares must be marketed at reasonable prices. The term "affordable" itself is too broad. There are differences between a student's ability to afford softwares and a millionaire's ability to afford softwares. With that being said, I would rather not stress too much on a software's affordability as an excuse for making software piracy ethical. Some minutes of the debate were wasted discussing about anti-virus softwares. Diwas, Seth, and Bishal were against software piracy just for
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2nd response paper - Passang Sherpa Response Paper To : Is...

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