GoeiCenterInfo - Event Policy Statements Updated General Information 1 When visiting The Goei Center please schedule appointments directly through

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Event Policy Statements Updated: March 22, 2010 General Information 1. When visiting The Goei Center, please schedule appointments directly through the facility director at (616) 949-2421. Unfortunately, due to the hours of the facility, the director is often unable to accommodate unscheduled appointments. 2. The Goei Center is a smoke-free environment - guests should be informed prior to their arrival. 3. Deliveries and pickups by the Renter shall be conducted in a manner that does not interfere with the activities of the other users of The Goei Center. The Goei Center does not accept responsibility for receiving deliveries or removing the property of the Renter, or the Renter’s guests and will not provide any services in connection with deliveries and pickups. Please note times for entry and exit for deliveries must be scheduled through the facility department. 4. Our building must be vacated by 12:30a.m. All evening events should note a 12 midnight or earlier closing hour on invitations. For any event contracting an early end time everything must be cleared 1 hour after contract ending time. New Years Eve events will be allowed an end time of 2:00am, with a vacate time of 2:30am. 5. The Goei Center reserves the right to make policy changes within 90 days notice of scheduled events. 6. The Goei Center reserves the right to exclude any group or individuals deemed to be inimical to, or a risk to, The Design Center property or interest. Groups with established behavior of damaging or littering property would constitute a risk justifying exclusion. 7. Any event involving persons 18 years of age or younger, the ratio must contain one adult, 21 years of age or older, per 20 minors of age of 18 or younger. Names and phone numbers of all chaperones must be submitted to The Goei Ce nter’s Facility Department two weeks prior to the event date. Upon arriving for an event, minors will be asked to stay within the facility and only exit at the time of final departure. If additional security is deemed necessary by the Facility Director to uphold The Goei Center’s policies, the Renter will pay the added expense. 8. The Goei Center shall have no liability of any sort with respect to the property brought onto the premises by or at the direction of the Renter or the Renter’s guests. All risk of l oss with respect to any property shall remain with the Renter. The Goei Center is not responsible for injury sustained on the premises. 9. Renter will be responsible for theft of and damage to the Goei Center premises and property, including premises and property outside the rented space and premises and property belonging to Goei Center tenants. 10. The Goei Center will not be liable for failure to perform this contract as a result of strikes, fires, flood, failure of light, heat or air-conditioning or any cause beyond our reasonable control.
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SET-UP AND DECORATIONS 1. The Renter shall have access to the premises only during the day of the Rental, and only during the
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GoeiCenterInfo - Event Policy Statements Updated General Information 1 When visiting The Goei Center please schedule appointments directly through

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