9-20-10 History Notes

9-20-10 History Notes - 9/20/2010 History 123 Notes...

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9/20/2010 History 123 Notes Colonial Empires in the New World DUTCH Now that the Netherlands have their new freedom, they decide to send people over to the west and create Dutch settlements. They also created a new trading company called the West Dutch India Company, which also oversaw the new colonies. Their new colonies were situated in the now current Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware areas and was called “New Netherland”. They were founded in 1615 and acted more as trade posts than settlements. Many European nationalities migrated to these new Dutch colonies, mainly for the religious freedom that the Dutch offered. As all these different nationalities immigrate to these Dutch “settlements”, they decide not to monopolize on all of the trading. They granted everyone the right to trade and if they were not Dutch settlers they were required to follow a few laws in regards to trading: o 1. Pay an export tax o 2. Export goods on ships owned by the West Dutch India Company. As this was occurring and the Dutch colonies were starting to settle, the English colonies were starting to grow. Conflicts arose between the two settlements and this caused a drastic move by the English. The King of England decided to take over the New Netherlands and gave the task to his brother, the Duke of York. They arrived in New Amsterdam and from their boats, aimed their weapons at the city. The governor of the city tried to get a group to fight the English but the citizens declined thinking that rule by the English would not be any worse/better than the Dutch rule.
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The governor then surrendered the settlement to the English without a single shot fired. The Duke of York was very interested in one specific port and kept an eye and interest on/in it. (now New York) This area was not the only settlement the Dutch made, they also had colonies in the Bahamas (aka at the time, the West Indies).
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9-20-10 History Notes - 9/20/2010 History 123 Notes...

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