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9-21-10 History Notes - 9/21/2010 H istory 123 Notes...

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9/21/2010 History 123 Notes Absolutism and Constitutionalism Spain and Power Relative to Other European Countries Spain no longer is the predominant power in Europe. England and France have both become stronger powers because of their success in the west. England and France’s relationship between how they ruled their home countries and the new colonies helped make them more powerful. Spain’s main focus for the colonies was to find precious metals such as gold and silver, and they found plenty. The English and French didn’t find any so they had to find other tactics to acquire these precious metals. The establishment of trade routes and trading systems became a way for the balancing and acquiring of gold and silver. This caused a new economic system called mercantilism to arise. The prosperity of a nation survived on currency (silver and gold) and having a steady supply of the metals and trade allowed for that. If you export more than you import you can make more money. Colonies were a great supply source for raw materials to make products so they would ship raw materials to the old country and make the product and then send them back to the colonies and other countries to make a profit by selling them. The government also was involved in this trading system and allowed monopolies so more money could be made.
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This trading system was more successful than Spain’s current system of sending gold and silver back to Spain and not making much more money or growing as a country. FRANCE Absolutism : the power rests with one person (the King) and it is a divine right from God to rule. The power a king has comes from God and the king only answers to God. This allowed the king to do whatever he wanted with his power. Absolutism started when Henry the IV came into rule. (King who came to rule by civil war, created Huguenots, etc) He also had to reorganize the country. Not everyone was happy with the ruling policies that Henry had put into place (he still had enemies from the war) There were several assassination attempts on his life and one was successful in 1610. Henry IV’s son (who was still young) came to the throne but was put under an advisor who would rule in Louis’ name, named Cardinal Richelieu. Once he became chief minister he had 2 goals:
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9-21-10 History Notes - 9/21/2010 H istory 123 Notes...

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