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9-29-10 History Notes - 9/29/2010 History 123 Notes...

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9/29/2010 History 123 Notes Political Independence in the New World The main power was Spain in Europe until they were replaced by France and Great Britain in the late 17 th /early 18 th century. There were many conflicts between France and Great Britain and these rivalries continued until 1750s-1760s. 3 wars were fought and the outcome determined who was the dominant colonial power: o 1. The 7 Years War was fought in Europe and followed up the war with Prussia and Austria. (France and Prussia, GB and Austria) This war was mainly revenge/payback for the war in the East. o 2. The Carnatic War in India was over a strip of land in Coastal India. o 3. The French and Indian War was fought in the US colonies in the Ohio River Valley and was fought for control of land. The French and Indians wanted the land to use for trade and GB wanted the land to colonize it and expand. In the end, Great Britain wins all of the battles/wars and becomes the predominant power. The victories were very costly and the land was costly to maintain as well, so GB thought that the colonists should help bear some of the cost for the land and maintaining the land. In 1765, the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act. This was the first tax that GB had ever levied on the colonies. This act imposed a tax on all printed documents and newspapers. This new tax was nothing new since GB had passed tax laws before in England, but the colonists were furious that the Parliament was taxing them. The colonists believed that since they don’t have any representatives in Parliament, that Parliament should not be allowed to tax them. The legislature of the colonies should be the ones to tax colonists. So in response to this tax, the colonists boycotted printed documents and newspapers.
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Since the industrialists and manufacturers in Britain were not making any money because the colonists were not buying any of their products, they complained to Parliament. Parliament ended up removing the Stamp Act 1 year later but in the same year
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9-29-10 History Notes - 9/29/2010 History 123 Notes...

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