10-5-10 History Notes

10-5-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes The Napoleonic...

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10/5/2010 History 123 Notes The Napoleonic Era When the directory came to power there were groups from both sides of the political spectrum challenging their authority. From the left, the radicals wanted control back like they had when France was a republic. From the right, were the conservatives who wanted the monarchy restored. The directory still couldn’t fix the main issues at hand: financial, economic, and military (wars). The directory then started to rely more and more on the military for support especially the officers, one of whom was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon joined the army before the start of the revolution but became successful in his military career during the revolution. Towards the end of the directory’s reign, the government group became less and less stable. In 1799, a coup overthrew the moderate people in the directory and replaced them with 5 new people who were more radical. Napoleon and other military officers then overthrew those 5 new people because they were considered a threat to the republic. They formed a new government called the Consulate, where the power was shared between 3 people, one of which was Napoleon who served as 1 st consul. France was still considered a Republic but it was more of a monarchy since Napoleon held most of the power. THE EMPIRE 1799-1815 The Empire is the last stage of the French Revolution. Napoleon could influence the legislature, control the army, conduct foreign affairs and appoint government officials. They got rid of the monarchy and replaced it with a more authoritarian government.
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Napoleon also made new reforms to France. 1. He patched up the relationship with France and the Catholic Church. o The republic weakened the power of the Catholic Church since the clergy was cut off from the pope and considered government officials. o Also, now the clergy paid taxes on the land that they owed and had a lot of land taken away from them during the republic. o
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10-5-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes The Napoleonic...

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