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10-11-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes The Industrial...

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10/11/2010 History 123 Notes The Industrial Revolution Wealth that was gained from the enlightenment and the trade routes was used to finance industries in home countries. The Industrial Revolution was a transformation of society based on agriculture to one based on industry. This change took place over decades to a century. The industrial revolution started in 1750 in Great Britain. It started because of 3 reasons: 1. The Agricultural Revolution This revolution started about half a century before 1750. Coming into the agricultural revolution there was a 3 field system of farming. In any given year, 2 fields were planted with crops and the 3 rd was left bare so the nutrients could be replenished since the crops use the nutrients in the soil. With this system, each community was able to provide enough food for their own community or family. Then when the population increased in the late 17 th century/early 18 th century, there started to be a shortage in food. They needed to plant more land but there was only so much land and with 1/3 of the land unusable they needed a solution. In the new world there were new farming techniques and there were also new crops and Great Britain used both. Potatoes became a prime import from the new world since most crops remove nutrients from the soil but potatoes replenish the nutrients in the soil which meant that the empty fields could be used. People and livestock were both fed with all this food now that was able to be grown and sold. People were now able to eat healthier since the livestock was becoming healthier with the food the livestock was being fed (better meat). Since the livestock was also healthier so they were able to be put to work on the farms to reduce man labor.
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This caused the communities to have an excess of crops and sometimes even individual farmers. So they sold the excess crops to make a profit.
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