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10-12-10 History Notes - 10/12/2010 H istory 123 Notes The...

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10/12/2010 History 123 Notes The Follow-Up Revolutions These revolutions followed the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era. The 1 st wave of revolutions was inspired by the French Revolution o Haiti’s revolution ran concurrently with the French Revolution and became the 2 nd western colony and 1 st Latin American country to win their independence. o The revolutions in Latin America caused Spain and Portugal to lose their colonial empires. The French Revolution was not just a local impact but a global one. 2 powers gained from the independence of Latin American countries: 1. Great Britain: Great Britain had a lot of wealth and was willing to invest in new countries and establish new trade and recognize the new independent countries. They created a system where the money helped establish a stable country but it also created a dependency on Great Britain. This was called economic/neo colonialism British rule pretty much replaced the Spanish and Portuguese rule and also gave Britain an economic monopoly. George Canning: Latin American trade with Britain was a vital lifeline to these newly established countries.
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2. United States: The United States was an up and coming power in the economic world. The US only got involved when rumors suggested that France was going to help Spain establish colonial rule again in 1823. This alarmed President James Monroe and other countries as well. The British government approached the US government and asked if the US would like to join a joint declaration and claim they were against Spain becoming a colonial power. The US thought joining this declaration would make them subordinate to the British government again so they declined the offer. Monroe addressed Congress in his 1823 speech and laid out a 4 point plan for helping Latin America: 1. American territories were not to be subjugated to European colonization 2. Any attempt by a European power to extend its power would be seen as a threat to American safety. 3. The US would not interfere with existing European colonies
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10-12-10 History Notes - 10/12/2010 H istory 123 Notes The...

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