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10-13-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes Communism...

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10/13/2010 History 123 Notes Communism IDEALOGY AND BASIS OF COMMUNISM Communism is a political and economical ideology that seeks to replace private property and profit, everything is communal in a communist community. Communism has older roots than just the 19 th century when it became a more popular topic: Plato outlined a state that would be communist. There is a governing class of guardians responsible for overseeing and serving the needs of the community. There is no private ownership because private ownership means greed, and corruption. Families are communal as well. Thomas More also created an ideal society known as Utopia. There was no money, people share meals, possessions, homes, everything. The actual theories for communism in the 19 th century developed as an effect to the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution created a working class-proletarians (who had poor living conditions) This made people reevaluate the relationship between the classes of people. There were 2 prominent communist thinkers: o Karl Marx o Friedrich Engles Marx and Engles had different upbringings which helped shape their views/thinking. Karl Marx was of Jewish descent whose parents had converted to assimilate into society better. He was still viewed as Jewish though and discriminated against. Because of his religion, he had limited professions available to him and this also caused him to develop radical views as well.
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One of the professions that was available to Marx was journalism and it was through this job that he discovered the inequalities in society which only reinforced his radical views on society. o
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10-13-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes Communism...

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