10-25-10 History Notes

10-25-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes World War I...

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10/25/2010 History 123 Notes World War I There were several long term causes for WWI: o 1. Franco German Relations Before unification of Germany, France was the strongest power in Europe. After the Franco-Prussian war, Germany became the strongest European power. This caused hostility between the two countries. o 2. The Alliance System: By 1914, Europe was divided into 2 alliances: Britain, France and Russia Germany, Austria and Italy The alliances indicated who was supporting who, should a war ever break out. o 3. Imperial Rivalries: Africa and Asia colonies caused competition. This created tensions sine they both wanted to expand their colonial empires and prevent the other countries from doing the same. o 4. Arms Race: Machine guns, gas masks, cannons, etc were introduced into warfare. Armies grew and were armed with the latest technology. Navies were also increased.
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The British always had the largest, strongest navy in Europe. Then Germany comes along and creates a navy and increases it. The British receive this move as a threat and increase their navy as well. So the German army increases their navy and it goes back and forth. There needed to be a short term catalyst that would start this World War (which would just be called the Great War until WWII started). The short term catalyst was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand- the heir to the Austrian Empire. He and his wife were visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia (which was part of the Austrian Empire) when the assassination occurred. In June 1914, Gavrilo Princep, who was a part of a “terrorist” group called the Black Hand, shot Franz Ferdinand and his wife who had no connection to the Black Hand or Serbia. The Austrian government accused the Serbian government of supporting the Black Hand and blamed them for the assassination as well. Austria then sent Serbia an ultimatum. Austria would go to war with Serbia if Serbia did not accept ALL the terms of the ultimatum. Serbia would try to accept every clause except one. Austria had an all
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10-25-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes World War I...

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