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10-26-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes The Russian...

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10/26/2010 History 123 Notes The Russian Revolution As a result of the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union emerged. Reasons for why the Russian Revolution took place: o 1. Tsar Nicholas II He was a very indecisive ruler who really hated confrontation and saying “no”. He was very devoted to his wife Alexandra who had the strength of character Nicholas lacked. Alexandra convinced Nicholas to consult with faith healers for their son Alexis, the heir to the Russian throne. Grigory Rasputin, a faith healer, was the most important and had great influence over Alexandra and Nicholas because he was able to stop the pain and bleeding that Alexis suffered due to hemophilia. Alexandra, who strongly believed in Rasputin’s powers, convinced Nicholas to strongly believe in him as well. No one in government positions liked Rasputin and his powers over the emperors. Soon the emperors lost faith from the government officials and even the citizens of Russia. o 2. World War I Russia was still involved in WWI with their allies, Britain and France. There was enthusiasm about the war and confidence in Nicholas at the beginning. Nicholas wanted to take personal command of the army at the front, but his presence on the front only demoralized the troops more and left the throne vacant in St. Petersburg, leaving Alexandra, who was under the strong influence of Rasputin, in control. Rasputin convinced Alexandra to fire the COMPETENT government leaders and replace them with people of Rasputin’s choice who were not as competent. This caused the government to become more inefficient than it was before.
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Russia tried to help in the war and tried to be a good ally but was outmatched by Germany. The morale of the army plummeted and they didn’t want to fight or suffer defeat anymore. People were not happy with the government or the war and shortages started occurring at home. In 1917, two revolutions broke out in Russia. FEBRUARY REVOLUTION The revolution had begun in St. Petersburg in late Feb, 1917. The housewives of St. Petersburg had come out to protest a bread shortage (there was actually no shortage of bread, just the fear of it happening). By the end of the first day of the protest, factory workers had joined the housewives in the protest. The second day of the protest, it became more militant. The slogans were very
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10-26-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes The Russian...

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